Advanced Small Arms Projectile


Our patented projectiles achieve significantly improved ballistics through base drag reduction. This is achieved by exploiting the gun gas generated at combustion of gun powder in the barrel by storing it inside the projectile. Once the bullet exits the barrel, captured gas is released, thereby reducing base drag.


  • Extended Maximum Effective Range

  • Increased Terminal Velocity & Lethality

  • Improved Gyroscopic Stability & Ballistics

  • Reduced Drag & Extreme Precision

  • Outstanding Armor Penetration Capabilities

Bow Shock

Managing the flow of gas inside the bullet requires chambers and orifices of various geometries. The entire projectile assembly is locked together by the “G” forces of acceleration in flight.

Competitor Bow Shock
Wave Angle 26.42˚

A.S.A.P. Bow Shock
Wave Angle 25.20˚

Projectile Design

Next Dynamics’ patented Advanced Small Arms Projectile (A.S.A.P.®) munitions provide significantly improved downrange velocity, accuracy, and penetration as compared to current industry offerings. Our 7.62 caliber munitions have achieved over 20% greater downrange velocity (300 yards) compared to leading rounds of the same caliber. (test results)

Our A.S.A.P munitions cover the full spectrum of ground force applications across small and medium NATO calibers and weapons platforms, including 5.56mm (0.223″), 7.62mm (.308″), 12.7mm (0.50 cal).

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