October 25, 2022

Next Dynamics Demonstrates significant ballistics improvements in successful testing of its 7.62 caliber nemesis ammunition

With its Nemesis ammunition considerably outperforming competitor rounds of the same caliber in testing, Next Dynamics is aiming to bring back the unfair advantage.

Wilmington,  North  Carolina,  October  25,  2022  (NEXD:OTC)Next   Dynamics,   Inc.   (OTC:   NEXD)   (“Next”   or   the “Company”), www.nextdynamicscorp.com,   a   Texas   corporation,   is   pleased   to announce results from recent testing of the Company’s 7.62 caliberNemesis A.S.A.P.®  (“Nemesis”) ammunition completed by Bornea Dynamics Ltd. (“Bornea”) www.bornea.ca.

Bornea’s  testing   of  the  7.62  Nemesis  ammunition  confirms  the improved ballistics performance offered by Next Dynamics’ base drag reduction technology, with the Company’s ammunition achieving significantly increased drag reduction, greater downrange velocity and   match-grade   accuracy,   as   compared   to   broadly   available competitor rounds of the same caliber.

The table below provides a comparison of ballistics performance, as measured by Bornea Dynamics, of the Nemesis to both Berger MatchGrade 168gr and Winchester Super X 150gr reference projectiles, with key metrics including muzzle velocity, change in velocity from muzzle to 300 yards and ending velocity (at target).

As illustrated above – and as further detailed in Bornea’s report – theCompany’s Nemesis rounds achieved nearly 52% improvement in reduction in velocity between muzzle and 300 yards versus theWinchester Super X round, and nearly 16% improvement versus theBerger Match Grade round, despite the Berger round being over 16%heavier.  In absolute terms, Nemesis velocity was 21% greater than the Winchester round and 9% greater than the Berger round at a distance of 300 yards.

Additionally, the Company’s rounds achieved match grade accuracy, with dispersion essentially overlapping that of the Berger MatchGrade round, and almost 1.25” tighter than the Winchester Super Xround of comparable weight.

Bornea’s report concludes that the Company’s Nemesis 7.62 copper projectile with  booster “...demonstrates superior performance to a traditional Berger round of higher projectile mass, and superior performance to a traditional Winchester round of similar projectile mass, when compared at the velocity and accuracy metrics.”

“Never in my career have I come across small caliber ammunition exhibiting the performance like that of Next Dynamics’ Nemesis rounds,” said Company military advisor Rear Admiral (ret) GregSlavonic.  “This ammunition will provide operators with a meaningful unfair advantage on the battlefield, and I am pleased to be working with the Company to bring this ground-breaking technology to various branches of our military.”

“The results of Bornea’s testing of our 7.62 NATO Nemesis rounds with booster are incredibly encouraging,” said CEO Jacob Salk. “As we get further downrange, the performance gap between our rounds and the competition continues to widen; we are well on our way to achieving our goal of bringing back the unfair advantage in small arms ammunition.”

“The Company is conducting additional velocity and penetration testing of our 7.62 rounds, and we are confident we will achieve similar performance improvements with our 5.56 NATO rounds, as well as with our .50 caliber rounds on which we have just begun production. We are thankful for the continued support of our shareholders and investors, and we look forward to sharing further results in the near future.”

On the tail of the positive testing results, Next Dynamics will be providing sample rounds to various potential licensors for their respective internal testing and validation. The Company will share additional updates as discussions around licensing and distribution evolve.

About Next Dynamics, Inc.:  Next Dynamics, Inc. is an emerging global leader in the development, engineering & licensing of some of the world’s best-performing defense technologies. The Company’s patented Advanced Small Arms Projectile (A.S.A.P.®) munitions, which offer unparalleled ballistics, cover the full spectrum of ground force applications across small and medium NATO calibers and weapons platforms. Next Dynamics also offers engineering services focused on artillery modernization, and holds numerous other patents in small-arms munitions, armaments, and military engineering upgrades.

For more information, please visit www.nextdynamicscorp.com.

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