Improve performance & longevity


Next Dynamics is developing incremental ammunitions technology, and also offers modernization + customization for existing artillery weapons of various classes which improve both performance and longevity, at significantly reduced cost versus replacement.

Star Chaser

  • Star Chaser projectiles developed with additive digital manufacturing (gas flow inside bullet) or standard machining
  • Offered in 7.62mm + 12.7mm (.50 cal)
  • Designed for very short flight time, suitable to be launched from and attack airborne targets

M101-R2/C3 Howitzer Modernization

Next Dynamics’ Howitzer Upgrades Include:

  • Address catastrophic structural failure
  • Enhanced range (11.0-18.5 km, same as M119)
  • Increased ammunition choices
  • Cost reduction of 25%-50% vs. unit replacement
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Other Projects

Apache Hybrid Power Drone
Armed With 19.5mm Recoil-less Rifle

Precision Guided Mortar Munition
Retrofit For 120mm + 105/155mm Mortar

B5 Barge W/ Mark45 Naval Gun
Total suppression of air, water, or land targets

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